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Avenva Overseas, processing specialists who support you in fulfilling your dreams to settle abroad for a better career, peaceful life, and savings for your life ahead

Avenva Overseas, the immigration,education and traning specialist supports you in fulfilling your dreams to settle abroad for a better careers, peaceful life, and savings for your life ahead. A one-stop solution for all queries related to the process for Education or Immigration. We are known for our specialized services provided as per our client’s interests and requirements to help them achieve their dream awaiting abroad. We work together as one team with a commitment to help our customers with an honest and fair approach to have a positive impact on their lives sharing a memorable experience through this entire journey till you settle in your destination country.

We believe to be open, honest, and fair in whatever we do as we do it together. 


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The Avenva Overseas points calculator is an easy way for you to evaluate your profile’s strength when applying to work, study or settle abroad.

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Our planet is yet to become global for many individual and legitimate immigration circumscribes each one of us to choose the global citizens status irrespective to their nationality. Gone are the days when territorial boundaries used to limit the extent to which an individual could study and prosper. The desire to blur the global boundaries in order to fulfil one’s passion has increased and we are here to provide an able helping hand to you for the same.

Have Any Questions?

What is immigration?

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. Commuters, tourists, and other short-term stays in a destination country do not fall under the definition of immigration or migration; seasonal labour immigration is sometimes included, however.

Which country is better for immigration?

The country is a preferred choice because immigrants here enjoy a better quality of life and live in a multicultural society. People consider a lot of factors before deciding on the country where they want to migrate, several vital factors which include career prospects, educational opportunities, and quality of life. Another important factor is the flexibility of the immigration laws and how easy it is to get a visa in the country that they are considering migrating to. They would like to migrate to an immigrant-friendly country, has flexible visa policies, a variety of work permits, and multiple study and work opportunities.

How much does immigration cost?

Existence of multiple immigration programs makes it easier for candidates to get the permanent resident status for the desired country. The cost involved for the PR process from India will be calculated based on the immigration program you select and the number of accompanying family members. The Desired PR cost from India is predefined, however the value changes due to fluctuation in currency prices.                                                        

  • Canada                                                               
  • Australia                                                                  
  • Germany                                                               
  • New Zealand                                                              
  • Hong Kong

Am I eligible to apply for PR process?

Are you still wondering if you will be eligible for the PR process? Feel free to contact us and our experts will let you know and help you apply through as per your profile, so do not think much and reach us out

How do I contact Avenva Overseas?

Are you still thinking of settling abroad but feeling confused and wondering what is the best option? Do not worry, we Avenva Overseas are here to guide you will through. Call us @ +91 6302846748 or email us @

What see Avenva Overseas

Avenva Overseas as a team is committed to grow every day by constantly working closely to the customer needs and offer solutions to help them complete their process successfully overcoming every obligation. Our services are made in the best need for our client’s requirements as per their profile for the process, being committed to providing the best service. A one-Stop solution for all purposes can be for immigration, education, Holiday, or Business. Our team is there to work closely and guide you through without any glitch.


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